Cents for Style

I’m a thrift store junkie, who strongly believes that the latest fashions can be found at any secondhand shop. With the right attitude, a little creativity, and an open mind, dressing for pennies is possible. I will share with you tips and tricks on how to successfully shop secondhand.

I recently watched the House of Versace, which focused on Donatella’s life after the murder of her brother and head designer Gianni Versace. The first part of the movie took place in the mid 90’s, and I immediately noticed how Versace is now recycling their famous look. When I go vintage shopping, I find that there are several loud blouses that pay an homage to their incredible 90’s designs. I have attached some of my very favourite pieces from Gianni Versace. As you can tell, his look and feel have appeared on the runway and red carpet in the last year. 

Can you tell who this is? It’s Martha Stewart! Yup. These are some beautiful shots taken from her modeling portfolio. I have to say that her cheek bones make me envious.

Take a peek at her other lovely pictures here: http://bit.ly/14IODBu

A new year. A new look.

As an avid thrift shopper and lover of a rare find and a good deal, I noticed that my secondhand treasures were starting to overflow in my small Toronto apartment.  A self-proclaimed shopping addict, stores like Value Village (or VV Boutique) was the cheap crack that helped fulfill a more expensive cocaine habit. 

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I saw this clip, and I had to POST it! Also, I know I have been neglecting my blog, but I promise to bring it back to life.