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I’m a thrift store junkie, who strongly believes that the latest fashions can be found at any secondhand shop. With the right attitude, a little creativity, and an open mind, dressing for pennies is possible. I will share with you tips and tricks on how to successfully shop secondhand.

Top 5 vintage finds: Meghan Felker shares her treasures.

I’ve asked some of my most stylish friends to make a list of their favorite treasures that they’ve found at thrift stores, garage sales, grandma’s closest, wherever! One of my good friends, Meg, just sent me her favorite finds. Take a look. I’m sure that her wonderful treasures will leave you inspired.

1. Record player from Value Village. It only cost be $12! It also works and sounds like a dream.

2. My brand new (well actually antique) super 8 camera! This was purchased at the St. Lawrence Antique Market (it happens every Sunday in Toronto). The camera cost $10! It came with a really awesome case and an old worn leather strap. It’s a completely manual camera (no batteries) and it still works!

3. My strappy leather sandals. I’m a tad lazy when it comes to vintage clothes shopping, so I often end up at places like 69 Vintage on Queen St.W. These types of shops will find all the good merchandise, but charge you little more to make a profit. These babies cost me a cool $20.

4. Flat 50’s cigarette tin. Cigarettes used to come in these boxes back in the 20-30’s. They held 50 cigarettes (hence the name). I got them from my great uncle who had a collection of about 15 tins. I dished them out to my friends who have a love of vintage. I like to use mine to hold my jewelery when I go on trips!

5. Hollowed books done by Cory Brenn. My friend Cory, buys old books for $2-5, hollows them, decorates the inside, and puts magnets along the edges (so they stay shut when thrown around). As you can see, mine is filled with important business cards.

6. And just one more—my “grandma” blazer. I bought it for $10 from Value Village. I wore it on Halloween and loved it so much that now I wear it out to the bars. It’s amazing. 


Written by: Meghan Felker

Style: Known by her trademark glasses and her fun and flirty frocks

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